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За ініціативи тайваньців планується видати першу збірку промов Зеленського китайською мовою, яка дем

Article by Rex How



In February 2022, I, like the rest of the world, witnessed two surprises. One is that the Russian army has seriously and completely invaded Ukraine. One is that under Zelensky, Ukraine did not fall in the 96 hours Putin thought it would.

Since Zelensky appeared on the streets of Kyiv late at night on the first night, he took a selfie with his mobile phone and said, "They want to give me a ride, I want them to provide weapons." Not only did everyone see that he was not a runaway president, He then used speeches to inspire people's hearts, and received support from all over the world. Not only did he defend the capital Kyiv, he repelled Russia's northern front, sank the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, and all the way to prepare to launch a counter-offensive on the southern front.

Before the outbreak of the war, Zelensky was seen in the news media, dressed in a neat suit, white and quiet, which was very in line with his background in the film and television entertainment industry; but since that mobile phone live broadcast, he not only grew out a beard, He showed the strong muscles under his shirt that he had been exercising for many years, and he also showed his eloquence that was both emotional and rational in his speeches at home and abroad. He asked the world to support Ukraine with arms, sanction Russia, and, frankly and without restraint, pointed out the hypocrisy of bystanders.

He became popular in 2015 for starring in the political satirical "Servant of the People" series, and then became the president, so many people, including Putin, knew him as a comedian and thought he was a man who only strayed into the political jungle The little white rabbit, but Zelensky shivered his fur and transformed into a lion, solidly showing his energy as the president of Ukraine and the supreme commander of the armed forces.

How did Zelensky do it?

What can he, and the transformation of Ukraine under his leadership, teach Taiwan, which is also facing a huge threat from the other side?

I'm so curious.


I started reading his materials, reading books on Ukrainian and Russian history, catching up on dramas to watch "The Servant of the People" starring him, and waiting for an opportunity to publish a book about Zelensky. However, it has never been suitable. I can't see what's really going on inside him, what's the source of that miraculous transformation.

Even if the news of Zelensky's speeches to dignitaries of various countries keeps appearing in the media, it is incomplete.

In mid-May this year, Zelensky was invited to speak at the Cannes Film Festival, which, as always, was well received. I'd love to know what else he has to say about the global acting world, but the news coverage is fragmented.

I searched all the way that night, found Zelensky's presidential website, and saw about 180 speeches at the time. After looking through it, I suddenly thought: why not compile a Zelensky book myself? What book can compare to getting to know Zelensky from his own speeches, seeing him inside through his own words? Isn't this the most direct way to understand the message he wants to convey and to understand what reference Taiwan can get?

I wrote an editorial idea for a book and sent it to Zelensky.


My idea, after adding some more later, is as follows:

1). I select 50 speeches out of 180 speeches. First of all, in terms of selection, it covers all aspects of him: before and after the outbreak of the Ukrainian war; domestic and international; European and Asian; national leaders, students and social groups Some inspire the people to fight, and some invite the people to think together about rebuilding the future.

I hope that the 50 speeches in this synthesis will answer some deep questions: How exactly did Zelensky face this war? What is his inner motivation? Where does his confidence in Ukraine's victory over Russia come from? What kind of future does he want to lead Ukraine into? What is his message to the world, including Taiwan? Finally, as a person, how did he change?

2). In addition to letting readers see Zelensky’s speech into his heart, I hope readers can understand Zelens’s personal growth process, as well as the historical relationship between Ukraine and Russia, and the source of disputes. Therefore, I wrote an introduction, sorting out what I realized and sharing with readers. Later I wrote an introduction titled "Zelensky's Transformation and His Message".

Zelensky shows us clearly the power of eloquence. So I would like to invite another expert to interpret the history and cultural traditions of Western society. Later, I was fortunate to find Dr. Yin Liqiao, who has unique research on international politics and geopolitics, and wrote an article "Zelensky's Lecture on Diplomacy and Geopolitics", which deeply analyzed Zelensky's rhetoric, thinking and meaning.

3). Organize a chronology of <Ukrainian related events>. Sort out the origin of Ukraine and its relationship with Russia, from the ancient Rus era to the Kievan Rus era to the arrival of the Mongols to the rise of Moscow, from the imperial Russia era to the Soviet era to the establishment of an independent state, from 2014 to 2022 The important milestones of the war are sorted out. , and then compared with the relevant historical time points in China and Taiwan, so that the context can be grasped concisely.

4). I believe in the language of images. So I will select relevant photos for what happened after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February this year, and use a total of sixteen pages of graphic stories to let readers understand what happened in Ukraine from a graphic language other than words. The blows and destructions suffered, as well as the hope and confidence that they possessed.

I believe that this can combine a more distinctive vitality for this book.


However, since I put forward the initial idea in late May, and then Yakaboo, the largest state-run book platform in Ukraine, which I learned during this year's Taipei International Book Fair, also participated in the liaison and liaison. After the overall layout plan and supplementary explanations were proposed in late June upon request, I have been discussing Didn't get a positive answer.

It was not until August 3rd, after Pelosi came to Taiwan, that I contacted again and expressed that the Taiwan Strait was already in full swing, and I hoped that this book would be published as soon as possible. Then, on August 4th, I got an echo. Zelensky agreed, and the book was co-curated by Yakaboo and Bulk Culture.

In the next few days I will write more about how we work and what I see Zelensky wants to convey, especially to Taiwan. (Please forgive me for running out of energy these days, and I have to go on a business trip tomorrow.)

I recommend it to all readers. I hope this book will help everyone who cares about the current situation and the fate of the country to understand how to integrate the strength of each other's confidence, courage, and wisdom.

The color page of the book has been printed today, and by 12:00 a.m. on the 27th, pre-orders for "So We Believe" will begin.

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