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Тайванський Конгрес Української Дружби

On the 11th of October, Taiwan's parliament announced the formation of the "Taiwan-Ukraine Parliament Members Friendship Association". Response to the Taiwan Friendship Group in the Ukrainian Parliament led by Oleksandr Merezhko (head of the Committee on Foreign Policy and Interparliamentary Cooperation) aims to enhance the relationship between both countries. Over 1/3 of parliament members have joined this group in Taiwan.

During the inauguration ceremony, it was announced that the Ukrainian parliament will send some members to Taiwan at the end of October 2022 as the first official meeting after both associations were established.

On the behave of Dr. Merezhko, parliament member Yulia Klymenko shared: "Today, I am very happy to see the inauguration of the association. As Ukraine is physically resisting attacks and fighting against the invasion, and Taiwan is fighting politically as well. We call on democracies around the world to unite, jointly defend the future of democracy and freedom, and continue to work hard to build a new world democratic order."

民進黨立委黃世杰(中)11日成立「台灣與烏克蘭國會議員友好協會」,外交部次長俞大㵢(左)與在台烏克蘭人代表 Dr. Oleksii Komarov (右)到場支持。

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