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Фестиваль до Дня Незалежності України в Тайбеї, Тайвань.

August 24th in the coming week indicates that the Russian-Ukrainian war has lasted half of a year, and it is also a special day for Ukraine- Ukrainian Independence Day. Ukrainians in Taiwan organized an event to remind the general public that the war is still on going.

After centuries of Russian oppression and struggle for freedom, Ukraine finally gained independence from the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991. Since then, the Ukrainian people have been building their democratic nation and reclaiming their pride as Ukrainians, which was discouraged under the Soviet regime. Yet, Russian full-scale invasion and annexation of Ukrainian lands show that freedom is never the final destination - it is a constant struggle.

The war is still going on. Russia is still killing our people and bombing our cities and homes. But the Ukrainian people are bravely resisting the evil. That is why Ukraine’s Independence Day is now more meaningful than ever.

TSWU(Taiwan Stands with Ukraine) and the Ukrainian Community organized Ukraine’s Independence Day together. On August 27, they host a cultural festival at our open-air Ukrainian Village in Taipei. Together we celebrate Ukraine’s independence, freedom, and cultural heritage.

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