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How can Taiwan help Ukraine?

Author: Mariia (Base in Taipei, Taiwan for Kyiv, UA)

In the other side of the world there's a country called Taiwan which can relate to Ukraine maybe more than any others due to their political situation.

Why you might want to come to Taiwan?

Taiwan is one of four Asian tigers, the greatest economies in East Asia. It is a beautiful, developed country situated on an island in the Pacific Ocean, bordering Japan, Philippines and the People’s Republic of China. Just like Ukraine, Taiwan is proud to call itself a democracy, not only that but Taiwan is a diverse and open-minded country. It is known to be the first country in Asia to legalize same sex marriage, making Taiwan known to be the most progressive country in the region.

Taiwanese people are very open and friendly and are always willing to help, no matter the age, race or gender.

Since the war in Ukraine has started, Taiwan’s government had immediately released a statement of condemning Russia’s actions, sanctioning the country-aggressor as well as sending 10 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Taiwanese people have been very supportive of Ukraine, organizing protests, offering ways to help in various ways possible. Most of all, many Taiwanese can relate to what Ukraine’s been going through, the importance of the country's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Taiwan continues to support Ukraine and Ukrainian people in the war, offering scholarship programs for students, giving job opportunities and finding ways to directly help with donations to the country.


For the people who have to flee their country, Taiwanese government has eased the visa process, offering three types of visas entrance to the country:

  • Visitation visa for relatives of Taiwanese nationals or Ukrainians holding ARC(alien registration card).

  • Study (formal degree programs, studying Mandarin)

  • Business visit/ employment

*For more details on required documentation, as well as contact information of R.O.C. (Taiwan) overseas missions, please refer to the pages on the Bureau of Consular Affairs website on visitor visas for visiting relatives

and missions abroad )

Ukrainians are able to apply at any Taipei Representative Office around Europe.

What's so special about Taiwan for me?

If you decide to come to Taiwan you will be guaranteed to experience:

  1. Safety Taiwan has been ranked as the third-safest country in the world, according to a 2022 mid-year crime index released by global database Numbeo.

  2. Convenience Many convenient stores are open 24/7, and are walking distance from any corner of the street in any city, or area. Inside you can not only buy food, water but also train tickets, pay bills, or use a printer.

  3. Comfortable public transport Every bus or MRT are extremely clean, since you’re not allowed to eat/drink while taking it, and is equipped with air conditioning, so even in the hottest summer days, you’ll be happy to get on the bus, no matter how packed it is.

  4. Beautiful nature Taiwan is a beautiful island covered with mountains and forests and surrounded by sea with its own unique flora and fauna. Being a comparatively small country, you can get to the nearest hike trail, or a beach in 30 minutes at most. There are many hot springs hotels, camping spots and beautiful diving places, that you can visit every weekend, since it is all so close, no need to waste time and money on the road.

  5. Good hearts of Taiwanese You will never feel lost or lonely in Taiwan. Taiwanese people are very friendly and open to foreigners and are always willing to help. Even if you ask a person on the street who doesn’t speak English for directions, they would most likely try their best to understand what you need and might even walk you to the place.

Ukrainians are struggling a lot right now, and as a country that values independence, human rights and free will, Taiwan will never leave Ukrainians behind. #Taiwancanhelp

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